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FA-8040C2P Screen Printer with Touch Panel
FA-8040C2P Screen Printer with Touch Panel
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FA-8040C2P Screen Printer with Touch Panel

Feature : 
1. Squeegee Base Left to Right Stroke - Linear Slide and Precision Motor Deiven. More stable printing. 
2. Two Screen Plate Arms can be adjusted  Left to Right  Seprately . Suitable for the screen plate length of 470 ~ 650 mm. 
3. Distance between screen plate printing is fixed and adjusted by precision tooth bar and hand wheel. 
4. Squeegee Structure can be lifted 45 degree and moved front to back for the printing position. 
5. Universal Sloted Platform - Suitable for fixing various jigs.
6. Printing Positioning - X.Y.θ Fine Tunning from Platform
7. Programmable Logical Controller
8. Touch Panel Interface - Able to setup different parameters 

Suitable for :
PCB. Fonts Printing
SMT. Solder Paste Printing
LCD. Frame Glue, Conductive Glue, Silverpaste Printing
air compressor
Platfform size SCreen Plate Size Platform Fine Tunning DIMENSION NET WT
FA-8040C2P 4-6kg 220V, 1ψ,50/60HZ 350x500 mm 400x650 mm 550*1000mm MAX. X.Y±10 mmθ ±3∘ L:1200 W:760 H:1650 300KG

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