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FC-161ARC-UC Automatic Single Color Ink-Cup Pad Printer
  • FC-140A1-0
  • FC-140A1-10
  • FC-140A1-9
  • FC-140A1-8
  • FC-140A1-7
  • FC-140A1-6
  • FC-140A1-5
  • FC-140A1-4
  • FC-140A1-3
  • FC-140A1-2
  • FC-140A1-1-1
  • FC-140A1-1
  • FC-140A1-11
FC-161ARC-UC  Automatic Single Color Ink Cup Pad Printer
  • Automatic Single Color Ink Cup Pad Printer
  • Exclusive Patented Ink Scraping Structure (Patent No. M311585).
  • Automatic loading with Progressive Loading Mechanism/Ejecting and Jacking Device – Max of 20 Tubes
  • 10 Inches HMI (65536 Color TFT Touch Panel)
  • Digitized Operation. Monitor Display w/Malfunction Message
  • Input/Output, Full Display
  • Automatic Electrostatic Dusting. Discharge of Fine Dust.
  • Pad Cleaning Device. Setup to start cleaning the pad automatically after a certain prints.
  • Vacuum Suction Loading/Ejecting and Transferring – The robot arm loads 15 pcs at a time
  • Equipped with sampling structure. Make it easier for the inspectors to do the inspection randomly. 
Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (mm) Net W.
FC-161ARC-UC 1
L:200 W:90 H:10

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