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IC Coating Ink
IC Ink
FCY-125 IC塗佈油墨(黑)
  • FCY-125 IC塗佈油墨(黑)
FCY-125 IC Coating Ink -
The ink is specially developed for surface coating on IC electronic products. Made by low halogen materials. Compliance with relevant EU environmental regulations. Tested and passed by SGS inspection.

Product Characters:
  • FCY-125 is One Component Ink
  • This product is odorless. No smoke occurred during the baking process. It's an excellent green product. Using on IC coating, the filling effect is the best among all inks. 
  • The color is close to "Compound" after it dries. 
  • Excellent adhesion for metal or non-metal material (Except PP, PE, EVA ). The cleanliness (Such as wax, grease and other dirty contamiants) of the product surface is affecting the adhesion directly.

Ink Storage and Using Conditions: 
  • Storage Period:30 Days at room temperature. 3 months if refrigerated. 6 months if frozen. 
  • Operating Environment Temperature: It is recommended at 22 ℃ and above operating environment
  • Condition:If the ink is refrigerated or forzen, wait until the temperature gets back to normal before using. 
  • Transport Condition:Refrigerated Transportation
  • Suggested Solidification Time: 140 °C/35 Min. or 150 °C/15 Min. Coated substrate, ink thickness, and oven temperature will all affect the curing time. 
Testing on Solidification Finish:
  1. Use 3M﹙600﹚Tape and there is no "Peeling"         
  2. Use IR Reflow (Infrared Reflow Oven) at 300℃ - Normal Appearance
  3. Acid and Alkali drop on surface for an hour - Normal Appearance
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