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Grinding/Producing the Pad-Print Steel Plates

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Wet/Thermostat Grinding Machine_Adjustable Work Ring
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  • FC-Steel-2
  • FC-Steel-3
  • FC-Steel-4 En
  • FC-Steel-5 En
Wet/Thermostat Grinding Machine_Emery Grinding Machine Characteristics
  • 100% Finecause Self-Developed
  • Timer Setup,Timeout Alarm
  • Setup of Work Rings
    • Work Rings Moving Together
    • Work Rings Moving Alternately
    • Single Work Ring Moving Alone
  • Setup of Moving Forward/Backward Pause Time and No. of Times
  • Adjustable Grinding Plate Rotating Speed
  • Max. Grinding Size150x400mm
  • Able to grind 4 pieces (120x240mm plate) at the same time

Finecause Self-Developed. Applying wafer-gringing process to steel plate grinding.

OEM Welcomed.

Fine Cause produces thousands of the steel plates per month.
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