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FC-210D Auto 2-Color Ink-Cup Pad Printer
  • FC-210D
  • FC-210D-3
  • FC-210D-2
  • FC-210D-1
  • FC-210D-4
  • FC-210D-5
  • FC-210D-6
Characteristic of FC-210D Auto 2-Color Ink-Cup Pad Printer

Exclusive Patented Ink-Scraping Device (Patent No. M311585) (Using 2 axis to scrap the ink independently. The spring absorbs the steel plate tolerances. Adjustable Cylinder Pressure)
L-Shape Casting Pad-Printer Body. One Piece. Firmed Structure. Easy to Operate)
Printed number and other printing parameters can be set individually for any machines.
10 inches/65536 Color Touched Panel 
    Touched and Digitized Manipulation; Malfunction Marquee Display
    Input, Output Full Display
    Each unit has it's independent operating screen
PANASONIC PLC Programmable Controller (Japan Original)
    Standard Program. Modified after clients' use for many years.
    Set the numbers of the pad/steel plate usage. Auto alarm displays on marquee when reaching the number.
Electronic Pressure Sensor. The machine stops operation when the pressure is lower than the set value. 
Dust-Proof for the whole machine
Whole machine is covered by 8 mm acrylic sheets.
    HEPA FILTER 0.3um 99.99%   0.12um 99.999%
     Machine No. 1 - Singular Jigs/ Machine No. 2 Even Number Jigs

Fiber Test Tube Residual Material
Negative Pressure Detection, Auto-Absorb Material, Rapid and Smooth Operation

Item and Jig tightly contact with each other


Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/Min. Dimension (cm) Net W.
FC-210D 2
L:200 W:90 H:10
24 Pcs
L:120 W:120 H:249
800 Kgs

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