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FC-680 MICRO SD Cards Pad Printing Machine
  • FC-680
  • FC-680-2
FC-680 MICRO SD Cards Pad Printing Machine

Feature : 
1. Free to set the number of the rows, spacing and printing. The machine stops after the set numbers is done.  
2. Able to start printing for 20g of the ink. (Reduce ink cost)
3. Sealed ink-cup design/Stable printing quality
4. Rail is servo motor driven. Rapid speed and sensitive reactionCapacity:

Each piece printed once:120 pcs/Min.
Each piece printed twice:60 pcs/Min.
Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/min Dimension (cm) Net W.
FC-680 1
L:350 W:80 H:10
60~120 Pcs
L:140 W:40 H:130
250 Kgs

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