Long stroke pad printer with servo ink cup


Long stroke pad printer with servo ink cup

Medical-grade special pad printer, the body of the equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, Horizontally mobile jig maechanism (activated by motor), with Replaceable fixture, printing is accurate and fast, the left and right ovens alternate, the temperature and time are adjustable, Fast drying
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long stroke pad printer with servo ink cup

Servo long stroke ink cup pad printer/pad printing machine

Fine Cause's pad printing machine imported to industrial I.O.T., combine smart factory App, assist you to implement production management goals through synchronous monitoring.

Feature :

  • 7" human machine (65536 colors; resolution 800*480; TFT touch interface)

  • Programmable Logic Controller enables simple settings.

  • Horizontally mobile jig maechanism (activated by motor)

  • Customized 800 mm long stroke mechanism

  • Air dry device (can reach 100 degrees celsius)

  • Special jig for gavage tube (dimension φ5.3 mm),Replaceable fixture.

  • Ink cup dimension (mm): 120; cliche dimension (mm): 120* 760

  • Exclusive patented ink cup mechanism (R.O.C. patent No. M311585)

  • SUS304 stainless steel machine outer casing

  • Eletricity: 220V / 10A / three-phase eletrical power


 Fine Cause Pad Printer

Pad printer is one of the main series in Fine Cause's product line. In the past few years, we have been improving our production quality that made our products stand out among peers and advance forward to globalization. There are two major types of our pad printer: Ink Cup Pad Printer (Semi automatic pad printer/Custom pad printing machines) .

FineCause pad printer is able to expand automation equipment according to the material to increase production capacity.

The best pad printing machine in FineCause 

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FineCause is professional ink cups and ink plate pad printing machine, servo pad printing machine, custom pad printer manufacturer. 


Machine FC-291CCC-BSMD
Color 1
Steel Plate Size
L:760 W:120 H:12
Cycles/hr 180~300 Pcs 
Machine Size (cm)  L:134 W:334 H:162
Weight 500 KG




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